Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Halloween Tablescape - 2013 ///

Just a Halloween tablescape I crafted with my mother.  We love the bell jar!  Typically, they're used for terrarium use, but we wanted a 'specimine' feel to the decorations.

The scull is actually made out of plaster and is hollow in the center -- just begging  for a tea light!  The battery operated tea lights are perfect for this purpose because we won't have to worry about fire risk or no fire at all because of the lack of oxygen under the dome.

The spiders are (shock!) fake.  In fact, they're the realist fake spiders I've ever seen!

The rose on the left is my favorite part, though.  If you look closely you'll see splatters of 'blood' festooning the petals and leaves.  VERY Tim Burton!

The owl on the right with the red eyes was too creepy to resist.  He adds the perfect touch to the tablescape.

Happy October, Everyone!

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