Having a bad hair day?  That's okay, it happens to the best of us. Including me!  I can help you out here with my styling ideas. I'll also share with you my tips on how to get and keep your hair healthy.  Got a great hair day? That's wonderful! Share with us what you did to make your hair so darn fabulous!

Braided Up-Do for Work
Just wanted to share my braided up-do that I did for work one day.  It was very simple.
I did a side braided bun as you can see.  It was really only a matter of sectioning off an oval shaped chunk of hair at the very top of my head and setting it aside.  Then, shown in the picture below, I dutch braided the hair on my right side until I reached the left side of my head.  If you don't know how to dutch braid, go on youtube and look up tutorials.  There are some AMAZINGLY talented people on youtube!
At this point I have the hair on the crown of my head sectioned off and all of the remaining hair pulled and/or braided off to my left side.  Next, I took the length of my hair that was pulled off to my left side and currently UNbraided, and split it in two.  Then I braided each of those sections in turn.

At this point I now have the hair on the crown of my head sectioned off (still), the hair on the right side of my head dutch braided over to the left side of my head and the rest of the length of my hair sectioned in two and braided regularly.  With a current total of 3 braided sections.  

I took the dutch braided section and wrapped it into a bun at the nape of my neck on the left side and pinned in in place.  Then, I wrapped the french braided section that was at the crown of my head around the already made bun and pinned that in place.  I did the same with the remaining two braided sections and pinned.

As you can see it's really all a matter of making a bunch of braids that on their own look silly, but wrapped around each other, they look fantastic!!

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