Pre-Fall Wool Treat || Sept. 11 2014

This season my indulgence was this beautiful sweater from Acne Studios. It was an investment {had to save for weeks!}, but the quality is out of sight and it is soft. I also have to tell you that I'm really loving the deep V neckline. It's just sexy enough without being risque. It ends just at the base of the breastbone.

The 'oversized' trend is still white hot, but it can, ironically, be a little dangerous, only in that without the right cut oversized can equal frumpy. I chose to purchase from Acne for their high-quality and also because of the 100% wool factor. If I can, I like to buy natural fibers.

Also, as a footnote to all this, when it comes to designers like Acne, you can actually purchase their wares in several locations {Net-A-Porter, Shopbop}, as opposed to just their personal website. It's a good idea to price out what you want. A price on one site may be different on another. For me, when everything was said and done, I found the best price at the time at Acne's personal website.

I like to keep it simple, more often than not, so I just pair this sweater with my go-to consignment boyfriend jeans {cuffed of course} and my black handbag. Somehow, one small feminine detail {the deep V neckline} becomes magnified when paired with masculine elements to I chose my tomboy-esque brogues.

//  Sweater: Acne Studios  //  Jeans: Consignment shop - mens  //  Brogues: Jack Wills out of season but similar here and cheaper  //  Handbag: Brahmin  //  Necklace: borrowed from my mother {we have a barter system}


Dark Princess Lily - Legend

+ - - - - - - - Saturday Night Out || 

+ - - - - - - - Saturday Night Out ||

+ - - - - - - - Saturday Night Out || by tierneyvandervoort featuring Bumble and Bumble

|| Okay, it's the first date and you're a little nervous. Going to a nice restaurant and you don't want to go over-the-top, but you don't want to look like you just got off an 8 hour work day – disheveled and baggy-eyed. Let’s go for something in-between the dark beauty and hardcore goth look. A full, texture-filled braid will add that seductive ethereal look and a few sweeps of a plum polish with a copper sparkled tip will do wonders. If the hair and nails are done, the rest will fall into place. Keep the rest simple, that is, the basics. Sleek, black pumps and a black boyfriend blazer. Make the statement the dress. The layout of this print really flatters the curves. A couple of chunky bracelets will pump up the volume when you want to take the blazer off half-way through the meal. The makeup should be just as simple. A dark lip stain will give you that ‘just bitten’ look. With a dark lip, the eyes shouldn’t be heavy. Mile-long lashes and a sweep of a nude (non-shimmery!) eye cream. Done and done. ||

|| Titania ||

Titania by tierneyvandervoort featuring metal wall art

|| My entry for the Polyvore DIY Halloween contest! Wish me luck! ||

|| Treat Yo Self ||

|| Treat Yo Self ||

|| Treat Yo Self || by tierneyvandervoort featuring champagne flutes

|| Spa day. Best day in my opinion. Too bad I don't have the money for it... That's okay though. An at-home spa day can be just as nice. Providing you're well prepared: pretty notions and textures to drape yourself in and plenty of oils, scrubs and lotions soothe. ||

|| Fall into Winter Gently ||
Fall into Winter Gently \\\

Fall into Winter Gently \\\ by tierneyvandervoort featuring a boyfriend chambray shirt

|| Typical New England -- Freezing in the morning and night, steaming in the afternoon. It's not so bad though. We know how to dress. Layers. Period. Peel them off throughout the day and throw them back on when the sun goes down. With all those layers, accessorizing in the way of jewelry can be a little superfluous, so keep it simple with some lovely earrings (just big enough!) and a tassel necklace that makes the eye travel down and elongates the body. ||

|| Splurge -- Steal: Shoe Edition ||

Splurge --> Steal - Shoe Edition

Splurge --> Steal - Shoe Edition by tierneyvandervoort featuring thin strap high heel sandals

|| Shoes are amazing. Let's face it. They take a drab outfit and make it fascinating instantly. I've always been of the opinion that if your hair is done and you have great heels on, then the rest of the outfit just falls into place. Not all of us (myself included) can afford designer heels though. So here are some examples splurge look-alikes. Enjoy! ||

Work to Weekend ||

Work to Weekend ||

Work to Weekend || by tierneyvandervoort featuring high heel shoes

|| Focusing on this amazing metallic sweater top from JCrew -- go from workplace to weekend. Swap heels for lace-up flats and an embellished collared shirt beneath for a plaid button-down. ||

|| Rejuvinating Weekend ||

Rejuvinating Weekend

Rejuvinating Weekend by tierneyvandervoort featuring a long jumper

|| Tough week? Here's the remedy. A feminine outfit to pair up with the perfect rejuvenating weekend. A therapy candle, cuppa tea and cupcake to feed the senses. Pretty things: threadbare stacking rings, star-studded headband and signature perfume. To top it off: a Jane Austen marathon. Nothing beats this combination! ||

 || Snowless Winter ||

Snowless Winter ||

Snowless Winter || by tierneyvandervoort featuring an orange leather tote

|| An outfit for those rare winter days with no snow to kill your shoes. Bundle up in layers and throw on the shades! ||

Farmers Market Chic ||

Farmers Market Chic

Farmers Market Chic by tierneyvandervoort featuring gray boots

|| Casual and comfortable. Just another easy Saturday with no obligations. Throw on your softest sweater and search for a fresh dinner at the local farmers market. ||

Crisp Walking ||
Crisp Walking

Crisp Walking by tierneyvandervoort featuring a 14k necklace

|| Cool afternoon and crunchy leaves beneath your feet. Perfect for a short walk to lunch with the girls. ||

New Etsy Purchases ||

Ever since I opened up my own Etsy shop, TiernDiDesigns, I've become OBSESSED with everything Etsy; sellers, buyers, handcrafted items, natural materials and super talented people.  As a supporter of small business owners and handcrafted items made with <3, I decided it was about time that I purchase some wares of my own.

Not surprisingly, when they came in the mail (I bought 3 items, from two different sellers) I was more than pleased.  It's amazing how many talented people are out there!

The first items I bought were identical (and yet slightly different) and from DanaCastle on Etsy.  Based in Milwaukee WI, she specializes in Bohemian jewelry and accessories and she is amazing!

Some may retort that buying anything on Etsy is violent on their wallets.  However, the added benefit of Etsy sellers is that more often than not, they're willing to do custom orders for very little, if any, extra charge.  As in the case with DanaCastle, I bought two of her Crystal Point Necklaces and requested that she shorten the chain on one of them by 2 inches so that they would hang nicely with each other.  She did just that for no extra charge and they look stunning as you can see in the photo below.
Buyers have to remember that purchasing something on Etsy (unless it's vintage) means that an artisan put time, effort and skill into making a much loved product.  That's something you just can't find in chain stores today.  It means that not only is the item either unique, or produced in such small quantities that most people won't be walking around with the same thing you have, but it also means that the item is high quality.  The beautiful pieces you find on Etsy won't break down on your or wear out within a matter of weeks.

Lately, I've been pining after jewelry with a raw, organic quality to it.  Hence the crystals above.  But I also bought a very unusual, stunning ring from StoneAgeShop based out of Santa Fe, New Mexico.
I found the most amazing raw Malachite statement ring.  Surprisingly, although the ring is large in size, it's shockingly light and easy to wear!
The green malachite ring is actually in both of the pictures.  What a wonderful addition to my collection!

I will definitely be stopping back at these shops in the future.  And, after all, the Holidays will be here before we know it!

< 3

Best of J Crew ||
Best of J Crew

Best of J Crew by tierneyvandervoort featuring j crew headbands

|| My handpicked favs from the wonderful J Crew. ||

The Baggy Tee - 3 Ways ||

The Baggy Tee - 3 Ways

The Baggy Tee - 3 Ways by tierneyvandervoort featuring a chanel necklace

|| My handpicked favs from the wonderful J Crew. ||

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