Thursday, September 11, 2014

Pre-Fall Wool Treat || Sept. 11 2014

This season my indulgence was this beautiful sweater from Acne Studios. It was an investment {had to save for weeks!}, but the quality is out of sight and it is soft. I also have to tell you that I'm really loving the deep V neckline. It's just sexy enough without being risque. It ends just at the base of the breastbone.

The 'oversized' trend is still white hot, but it can, ironically, be a little dangerous, only in that without the right cut oversized can equal frumpy. I chose to purchase from Acne for their high-quality and also because of the 100% wool factor. If I can, I like to buy natural fibers.

Also, as a footnote to all this, when it comes to designers like Acne, you can actually purchase their wares in several locations {Net-A-Porter, Shopbop}, as opposed to just their personal website. It's a good idea to price out what you want. A price on one site may be different on another. For me, when everything was said and done, I found the best price at the time at Acne's personal website.

I like to keep it simple, more often than not, so I just pair this sweater with my go-to consignment boyfriend jeans {cuffed of course} and my black handbag. Somehow, one small feminine detail {the deep V neckline} becomes magnified when paired with masculine elements to I chose my tomboy-esque brogues.

//  Sweater: Acne Studios  //  Jeans: Consignment shop - mens  //  Brogues: Jack Wills out of season but similar here and cheaper  //  Handbag: Brahmin  //  Necklace: borrowed from my mother {we have a barter system}

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