Friday, October 11, 2013

|| Asian Grocery Store ||

The other day my mother had such great Hibachi at one of our favorite local restaurants that she wanted to recreate it.  This was a big deal because my mom and I never cook Asian food, mainly because it seems way too daunting, delicious as it is.  However, this particular meal featuring Japanese udon noodles was so good she had to make it herself at home.  I helped her with the shopping by going to an Asian Grocery store in a near-by town.

I’d never darkened the door of an Asian Grocery before, so this was a brand new experience.  I thought that it was going to be a somewhat small-ish store and I would have a hard time finding what I needed, but it was HUGE!

The udon noodles I was looking for!

I had such a great time browsing and looking at all the wonderful products!  I spent way too much time there just gazing at all the sweets and amazing teas.  It took me a while to find the udon noodles, but I didn’t really mind because I wanted to browse anyway.  They even had tea pots, cups, sake servers, plates, bowls, bento boxes and more!

Sake servers.

All in all, my mom’s re-creation was a great success.  Go mom!  It just goes to show you that new experiences are a good thing.  Granted, visiting a new supermarket isn’t groundbreaking, but it was new for me.  And because of the experience I definitely won’t be afraid to cook Asian meals in the future, especially since I know exactly where to shop!

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